Natural wood and resin custom furniture
and wall art, handcrafted in Killarney, Ireland

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ABOUT James Purcell Design

I tailor my designs to my clients habitat, personality and individuality. Each piece is a finely handcrafted ornament designed to outlast trends and time ultimately becoming a testament to both heritage and contemporary design.

James Purcell Design Dining Table
James Purcell Design Art


Our timber is naturally felled reclaimed deadfall, mostly by storms. Each piece of live edge wood is cut, stacked and air dried for 1-3 years before entering a drying kiln. This time intensive process kills any insects that may be living inside of the wood; while also stabilizing the slab, reducing its natural tendency to warp, cup, crack, and split over time.

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We work with Designers, Homeowners, Architects, Corporate, Hospitality and
Institutional clients to make unmatched works of functional furniture and art.

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Vision, Design, Bespoke Craftsmanship